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Industrial-Control-as-a-Service for Automation Engineers

We provide Industrial-Control-as-a-Service for automation engineers by turning Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) into software functions – freeing industrial automation from the constraints of vendor specific hardware.

This enables new degrees of freedom, increased productivity and improved resilience for manufacturers. Our offering is centered around cloud-based PLC management (TechOps), modern PLC code versioning and Git based collaboration (DevOps) as well as virtualization of PLCs on non proprietary servers (Virtual PLC).

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SDA TechOps

Manage industrial controls like software systems with full transparency of deployed code and automated application changes, reducing manual effort for automation engineers, and increasing traceability of changes.

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PLC Twin:
Download and deploy programs

Download and deploy programs and configuration and monitor PLCs’ real-time status

Set up cloud connectivity in
less than 2 min

Use existing gateways or purchase pre-configured ones from our partners and benefit from certificate based encryption

Seamless brownfield integration

Build on existing PLCs and automation IDEs and Improve integrity of hardware and software
Coming June 2022
Coming 2022
Coming 2022

SDA DevOps

Leverage Git-based version control for PLCs and transition to modern developer collaboration. Benefit from a master repository of all control projects and state-of-the-art tools.

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GIT for PLC programming

Remote editing and deployment of PLC projects, co-engineering with GIT version control for IEC 61131 native formats, including diff. rendering

Backups, integrity checks and factory time machine

Safely updated and backed up projects, project decomposition and integrity checks, roll-back to multiple PLCs in minutes
Coming 2022
Coming June 2022


Virtual PLCs decouple real-time control execution from proprietary hardware through virtualization while ensuring deterministic cycle times below 10ms.

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Virtual PLC runtime on standard IT hardware

Integration on VMware edge compute stack for IT servers, Option to deploy on industrial PCs, Deterministic real-time performance (sub 10ms)

Cloud-based vPLC management

Management service to provision, operate and monitor vPLCs, hypervisor configuration, automatic failover policies

vPLC performance monitoring

Monitoring of vPLC real time behavior

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