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SDA DevOps

Git-based version control for PLCs and modern developer collaboration. Benefit from a master repository of all control projects and state-of-the-art tools.

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Git for PLC programming

With SDA DevOps, automation engineers reach new levels of productivity. They are now able to edit and deploy PLC projects remotely from their web browser. Project files are backed up and versioned in the cloud. co-engineering and collaboration with other automation engineers is now possible via Git version control. Manufacturers are protecting their IP against ransomware attacks and improve their ability to recover from disaster events.

Supported PLC project formats

Coming June 2022
Coming 2022
Coming 2022

Project decomposition and code versioning

Every Project update is safely backed up, changes on individual objects are versioned and highlighted in both Structured Text and Ladder Logic native formats. Automation Engineering teams work more efficiently together, speeding up the pace of development and fixing errors. Risks are minimized, new features are always ready to be deployed to multiple PLCs in minutes with the press of a button.

Start today by creating a Software Defined Automation upload your PLC programs into a code repository SDA DevOps console. Track changes and collaborate on the same project with your colleagues from around the globe in minutes.

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